Police arrest officials of Chinese company using government approved textbooks to manufacture toilet paper

Police have arrested three officials of Everyday Tissue Manufacturing Ghana for using government approved text books to manufacture toilet paper.

They are, Manager, Ma Fui Jiuming; Sales Manager, Ma Mang and Prince Andoh, the company’s interpreter.

The three are to assist police in investigations into how they received and are using the government sponsored textbooks meant for Junior and Senior High Schools which were strictly not for sale, to produce toilet rolls.

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has also charged the company for evading tax and failure to issue the GRA’s Value Added Tax Invoice.

Police were called in to arrest officials of the company when the GRA’s Special Revenue Mobilisation Taskforce embarked on an enforcement tour of the Central Region.

Coordinator, GRA Special Revenue Mobilisation Taskforce, Henry Sam who briefed the press, said the exercise was instigated by GRA Informant and Counter Intelligence Unit.

“The books, instead of going to the classroom to help the students with their studies, are rather recycled as raw materials, even though they are not outdated, to manufacture toilet rolls,” he said.

The Taskforce did not find any tangible records by the company such as books of account and this is against section 27 of the Revenue Administration Act, which mandates businesses to keep and maintain proper records.

Mr Sam said the Taskforce had retrieved some of the books as exhibits and confiscated some property of the company including four vehicles covered with the Commissioner General of GRA seal.

He explained that the vehicles would be valued and then weighed against other records like the company’s bank statements and electricity bills, to give the Authority an idea of the cost in assessing the company’s tax liability.

“The Commissioner General of the GRA will use his best judgement in assessing the tax liability and any tax short fall,” he said.

Mr Sam said the Police would handle the criminal aspect of the destruction of government textbooks while the Authority dealt with the revenue issue.

“We want genuine investors who will comply with the tax laws and contribute to the growth of the economy, not people who will rip this country of its resources and benefit at the expense of the state and its citizens.”